Lost Canyon Zipline FAQs

How do the tours work?

During our busy season, it is best to reserve your trip online to make sure you can participate. Otherwise, call us at (719) 207-4947 to reserve since we do have a minimum trip requirement and this can more easily be managed by personal contact than cyberspace. We will make every effort to accommodate our Guests. Once you are scheduled for a trip, you will need to arrive at our Meeting Site about 30 minutes prior to your tour: we meet at our new Visitor's Center, located at 1500 County Road 45, Salida, CO, 81021. You will sign a Waiver Form at our Meeting Site and then be transported to the Park--less than one mile away from the Visitor's Center. Once at the Park, we will supply you with a harness, helmet, gloves and gear; you will then have a safety briefing on how to properly use all the equipment. From there, you start your adventure! Training, orientation, practice, and ziplining on the cables with hiking between the ground platforms punctuated by Guide discussions of the scenic, geologic, and historic features takes the average group about 2 - 2 ½ hours. Groups of 20 or more can run through the course in groups of 10+, one following the other so that all Guests in a particular group are onsite at the same time. Round-trip travel to/from the site, along with your check-in time, adds 30 minutes more. Large groups may take 3-4 hours.

Do I need reservations?

Reservations are always recommended, especially for groups of 8 or more. We try to accommodate Walk-ins when fully staffed and running multiple daily trips--during high season--but that depends on availability. Guests under 18 years of age must have a Release Form signed by a parent or legal guardian, which is more easily managed with advanced reservations.

How do I make reservations?

Go to our homepage and click on the "Book Now" link in the right upper corner. Summers are quite busy, so online reservations are preferred; otherwise, give us a call at (719) 207-4947. Not only that, if you book online, you get $10 off the tour price of $89! We are running this "Book online for 79" dollars promotion Summer 2015 to celebrate more than a decade in business!

What are the hours of operation and times of Zipline Tours?

Captain Zipline Tour is open all year. During the Summer months of June-August we have trips available at 9AM and 1PM, with additional trips added when necessary at 10AM, 2:30PM and 4:30PM. ALL TRIPS are the SAME. Our 2:30PM tour is, for the most part, booked by those who have rafting trips reserved that morning. During Spring, Fall, and Winter seasons, trips are usually scheduled on weekends or whenever we can build a group of 4 or more. Custom groups can be run anytime during these shoulder-season months. Moonlight zip trips are also available with prior zipline experience on our tour.

What does it cost?

$89 per person; $79 if you book online (discount is automatic, no need for a Promo Code)

What are the requirements to participate?

Most people that lead an active lifestyle and are in good health should not have any difficulty ziplining with us. Adventurers from 6 years of age and up can zip. For our Guest's comfort and safety, we limit men's weight to 250 pounds and women to 190 pounds. (Women are usually shorter than men and carry their weight differently; that is why the weight cut-off varies by sex.) There is some flexibility for very tall customers. In reality, this rule is a generality and it all comes down to body size, shape, fitness. We are willing to give up business in the interest of safety and to assure that the harnesses fit correctly and comfortably. The absolute maximum allowable circumference--measured around the belly-button area--is 44 inches; the absolute maximum circumference at the top of the thigh is 24 inches. If you exceed these limits, the harness will not fit correctly and will not be safe or comfortable. Please measure these sites accurately since, if you schedule a trip but then cannot fit into the harness, you will not be permitted to go on the tour nor will your fee be refunded. This item is not negotiable and is in place for our Guests' safety and comfort.

Kids must be at least 6 years old and weigh at least 55 lbs.; if between 6 and 12, and/or under 100 pounds, they will have to zip on the cables in tandem with a Guide because they may not have enough weight (or mental focus) to safely carry themselves across the entire cable length. While doing so, the kid is in his/her own harness with slings and a pulley and the Guide is behind them, attached with a safety sling and carabiner. After the first few cables, these Guests may be able to go by themselves if the Guides determine they can do so properly and safely.

Please review the Trip Preparation page for more details about Participant requirements.

What are the restrictions?

Reasonable health and fitness is required. If you can climb up a 16 foot ladder without stopping, walk up a 200 yard trail (one that is not very steep), and fit into our harness, you should be fine to go zipping. Anyone suffering from certain medical conditions which may pose a danger to themselves and possibly even to others on the tour cannot participate. These conditions include but are not limited to the following: epilepsy, seizures, serious head injury, recurrent black-outs, nervous system disease, recurrent dislocation of any limb, poorly-controlled diabetes, mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction, back injury, poorly-controlled asthma, recent blood donation, autism. A medical doctor should be consulted in advance if you have questions or concerns about any of your conditions. No one should participate against medical advice. Women who are pregnant cannot participate in any of our tours. Also, the tour is not safe for mentally- or physically-handicapped individuals. You will be asked to attest to your fitness and ability to participate in our Zipline Tour on a Liability Waiver that must be completed and signed prior to embarking on the Zipline Tour.

If you have any questions regarding your specific medical condition or physical limitation, please call us at (719) 207-4947.

How difficult is the tour?

As mentioned, the Zipline Tour is the least physically demanding adventure activity at the Park. Still, some core strength is required to be able to maintain an upright position in the harness, and there is some hiking up the hill. Please review the Restrictions stated above.

Where do I go to do the tour?

Our "Meeting Place" for all tours is our Visitor's Center just east of Salida, Colorado: 1500 County Road 45, Salida, CO 81201. Although the address is Salida, some refer to this area as "WELLSVILLE." You will be turning off Highway 50 and onto a dirt road--County Road 7--at the small road sign that says "Wellsville." Drive over the bridge and for .91 miles where you turn slightly Right, onto County Road 45. (If coming from the east, such as the Canon City or Colorado Springs areas, do NOT turn onto CR 45 at Howard...it dead ends at the river! You must go to WELLSVILLE, turn onto CR 7 and then onto CR 45.) Our Visitor's Center is .66 miles down the road and is on your Right. 

Must I sign a Waiver to participate?

All clients will be required to sign a Waiver upon their arrival. Participants under 18 must have their Waiver signed by a Parent or Legal Guardian. Once reserved, we can email you a copy of our Waiver for you to complete prior to your trip, should you desire to do so. We occasionally allow Spectators on the tour property, but this MUST be prearranged, they must sign a Waiver, and once on the tour grounds, must follow direction and remain in designated areas.

What should I wear?

We will supply you with a harness, helmet, gloves, and gear. You should wear clothing appropriate for outdoor activity, with nothing loose or hanging—no baggy clothing, skirts or dresses; no jewelry, especially loosely fitting jewelry. Long hair should be tied back. Closed-toe shoes are required, such as tennis shoes, hiking boots. You will not be permitted on the course with flip flops, Crocs or sandals. And, there will be no refund under these circumstances. In some cases, a light jacket may be needed for your comfort. In the name of safety, we discourage Guests from carrying a camera, other recording device, or cell phone on the courses. At the beginning of the tour there will be an opportunity to take photos.

What should I bring with me?

A bottle of water; sunscreen or insect repellant if needed; a ball cap with visor if desired...and a sense of adventure! Cash to tip your Guides for their excellent service. [Captain Zipline T-shirts are available for sale.]

Cameras and video cameras can be used only on the practice cables and the first tour cable (Bunny Zips, Cable #1) and then must be checked in at the Guide Shack. No cell phones, no smoking, and no chewing tobacco or chewing gum are allowed on the tour. Please review the Trip Preparation page for more details.

Can Spectators come?

This has been problematic in times past since Spectators, if present, oftentimes were without Guide supervision since our Staff was conducting a Zipline Tour and away from the area where Spectators would congregate. Now that we have expanded into a full-fledged Park, and have Staff present at all times, we are allowing Spectators, but mainly for the Canyon Aerial Course and under certain conditions--there is a $15 per person Spectator Fee; Spectators must sign a Release Form and must agree to stay in designated viewing areas.

Can we bring food?

Food is permitted at the Visitor's Center, but not at the Park. Food attracts rodents, these in turn attract rattlesnakes. And we want to keep these critters away from our Guests.

What are the Park rules?

You must: dress appropriately for the tour; sign our Waiver; participate in training about safety and utilization of equipment; wear and use all provided equipment as instructed and in a safe manner; abide by Guide/Staff instructions.

None of the following are permitted: tobacco of any kind; alcohol; illicit drugs; chewing gum; liquids other than water; food; pets. Tour Participants may not bring/use their own equipment.

What about adverse weather conditions?

This is an adventure tour and so we go "blow or snow." We will cancel, reschedule, or postpone tours due to bad weather. We reserve the right to postpone a trip for up to one hour to wait out inclement weather and then resume the tour. We want you to have a fabulous time, but Mother Nature rules and we will not risk our Guests' safety. If you are not permitted to return to the course due to weather, rain checks may be issued to you to use towards a future Captain Zipline Tour that season, but only if the tour was stopped with 3 or less cables completed. Rain checks, if issued, are non-transferable.

What is the cancellation policy? How about changes in trip itinerary?

Cancellations made more than 14 days (more than 2 weeks) before your tour incur a $25 per person cancellation fee. Cancellations within 14 days or less of your reserved tour are non-refundable. There is no refund after a Participant has entered the zipline course or features. If after the evaluation of the many factors which impact our tours we decide to allow a change in your reserved tour, there is a $15 per person Change Fee. When allowed, this is a one-time opportunity.

How safe are these activities?

We have safety in mind from start to finish. Our zipline was built to the standards of the ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology—the professional organization that sets installation, inspection, operational, and certification standards for the challenge course industry and is among the most stringent ropes course safety standards in the world) and meets the specifications and abides by the regulations of the state of Colorado.

Our trained Staff will check each Participant's equipment and instruct Participants prior to embarking on the Zipline Tour. Because we cannot eliminate every risk, it is the Participant's responsibility to understand and follow all instructions carefully, and to listen and obey the Guides at all times. All Guests are required to follow the safety policies and procedures of Captain Zipline Adventure Park and its Guides, and all Guests will be required to sign a Waiver (Participant Assumption of Risks, Acknowledgment of Inherent Risks and Indemnity Agreement in favor of Captain Zipline Adventure Park) upon their arrival.

Is the Park certified, inspected?

See above. Our Adventure Park is a member of The Association for Challenge Course Technology and we undergo yearly inspections.

What training does the Staff receive?

Our Staff has been trained in checking and operating the equipment, instructing/guiding our Guests, and enacting emergency and rescue procedures should there be a need. Because we work closely with ACCT, all our certified course operators are trained in accordance with ACCT standards on a yearly basis.

I loved the activity so much that I now want to share the joy—How can I buy some Gift Certificates?

Call us at (719) 207-4947 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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