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Captain Zipline Aerial Adventure Park – Canyon Aerial Course

Open Year-Round


Jungle Gym in the Lost Canyon

The Canyon Aerial Course (CAC) complex is an amazing structure in the Lost Canyon that consists of interconnected "elements" up in the air. Elements are components of the course complex such as swinging bridges, swinging logs, cargo nets, balance beams, tunnels...things that pose challenges to the Participant and at the same time, develop skills and build confidence.

Captain Zipline's Canyon Aerial Course is built on 60-foot telephone poles to which wooden platforms at varying heights have been attached, and these in turn are connected to all kinds of elements. This linked combination of challenge elements is tucked in the belly of the Lost Canyon and sits underneath some of our Park's zipline cables. The complex was designed and built by Swiss Alpine engineers and is built to current industry standards, including those of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) as well as the specifications and safety standards of the state of Colorado. Top-of-the-line safety features and well-trained Staff round out the quality and safety commitment of Captain Zipline Adventure Tours. There are 9 different courses within the CAC complex, all coded similar to difficulty levels used by ski resorts. Guests are fitted with gear, given a safety briefing and instructions, and then off they go! A "Smart Belay" system keeps the Participant clipped to the safety cable at all times. The self-guided adventure lasts approximately 2 ½ hours, including approximately 30 minutes total time for processing of Waivers, safety briefing and training, and a short transport to the activity site. Guides are onsite to assist with any issues. Participants ages 8 and up in reasonably good health and fitness can experience this new adventure.


The Location

Captain Zipline Aerial Adventure Park is located in the Lost Canyon, several miles east of the high mountain town of Salida, Colorado. The setting is not only scenic, it is dramatic with its towering, colorful cliffs and vistas of the surrounding mountains and the Arkansas River. History abounds here--relics from the region's mining past are located throughout the property. The location is also rich in wildlife, all the critters one would expect in Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

Our "Meeting Place" for all tours is our Visitor's Center just east of Salida, Colorado: 1500 County Road 45, Salida, CO 81201. Although the address is Salida, some refer to this area as "WELLSVILLE." You will be turning off Highway 50 and onto a dirt road--County Road 7--at the small road sign that says "WELLSVILLE." Drive over the bridge and for .91 miles where you turn slightly Right, onto County Road 45.  (If coming from the east, such as the Canon City or Colorado Springs areas, do NOT turn onto CR 45 at dead ends at the river! You must go to WELLSVILLE, turn onto CR 7 and then onto CR 45.) Our Visitor's Center is .66 miles down the road and is on your Right.


The Challenges - 9 Courses

Agility – Balance - Challenges – Confidence - Endurance – Personal Growth - Skills - Strength – Team-building


Courses and Age, Supervision Requirements are as follows:

Age Yellow Green Blue Black Double Black
8-9 Supervised With Adult NO NO NO
10-11 Supervised Supervised With Adult NO NO
12-13 Supervised Supervised Supervised With Adult NO
14-15 Solo Solo Solo Solo NO
16+ Solo Solo Solo Solo Solo


Supervised = Adult 18+ y.o. guiding children from Park ground/ belly of canyon
With Adult = Adult 18+ y.o. must accompany child/children on Aerial Course at ratio of 1 Adult: 2 Children maximum

YELLOW – three (3) courses, JACKRABBIT, MAGPIE, and GOLDEN EAGLE. These are the easiest, entry-level, courses. Beginners and children ages 8 years and above. Platform height up to 15 feet. The GOLDEN EAGLE course will take the Guest over the historical limekiln ruins from the 1890s.

GREEN – two (2) courses, COUGAR RUN and FALCON. Easy course although more demanding than Yellow; platform height up to 20 feet.

BLUE – two (2) courses, BADGER and WILD CAT. The WILDCAT has the "flying snowboard," an element that can be experienced with no snow. Challenging course, requires some agility, good balance, strategy, and strength. Platform heights are 24-30 feet. See table above for further specifications.

BLACK – GRIZZLY; Difficult course, requires agility, good balance, strength, strategy, and physical stamina. Platform heights are 30+ feet.

DOUBLE BLACK – RATTLESNAKE. Very difficult course. Requires physical strength, strategy, endurance, and athletic ability. Must be at least 16 years old to do this course. These platforms are 40+ feet in height.


Who Can Play

The Canyon Aerial Course is suitable for individual Participants who want to build core strength and agility; for Couples who want a 'bonding experience' in Colorado's Rocky Mountains; for Families who wish to play together and create wonderful memories; and for other groups who are looking for adventure and fun in the great outdoors. We are committed to "Safety First" and thus there are certain requirements to participate in this activity:

  • Ages 8 and up (higher minimum age for the more demanding courses of Blue and above. See above chart.)
  • Minimum Weight 70 lbs., Maximum Weight 250 lbs.
  • Vertical reach of 60 inches, flat-footed
  • Reasonable fitness level (active lifestyle) and reasonably good health
  • Other requirements and restrictions as stated in our Trip Preparation List and FAQs.

Management reserves the right to restrict access to any course if considered unsafe to Participant, other Participants, or Staff.


Trip Times, How to Reserve

Guests can reserve their CAC tour online or can call us at (719) 207-4947 to reserve. Trips run at 10AM and 1PM prior to our high season; once high season begins, we will be running tours just about every hour from 9AM through 4PM.

During the summer months, it is especially important to reserve online (using our "Book Online" link on the homepage) as we are very busy and it is easier to manage trip inventory with online booking. We welcome Walk-ins. Trip times during the high season begin at 9AM, 10AM, 11AM, 12PM, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM; the last trip starts at 4PM. After Labor Day, trip times will be scaled back to a few daily, please check the online booking for available trip times. The cost is $69 per person.

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