Lost Canyon Zipline Tour

Whether you're looking to schedule your first zipline experience and are asking yourself "What am I thinking?"--or just looking to relive the fun--we hope this virtual tour will get your heart pounding and lift your spirits.

The Zipline Tour at Captain Zipline Aerial Adventure Park is a true eco-tour in which we not only show our Guests a great time on the cables, but we also tell you about the history, flora, and fauna of this beautiful, fascinating area. We started operations in 2005 and have garnered quite a few accolades over the years. So come and zip with our friendly Guides and experience a Colorado Rocky Mountain adventure that we hope to make the highlight of your vacation! This activity is really "No-sweat adrenaline." It looks extreme but actually is relatively easy to do.


The Location

Captain Zipline Aerial Adventure Park is located in the Lost Canyon, several miles east of the high mountain town of Salida, Colorado. The setting is not only scenic, it is dramatic with its towering, colorful cliffs and vistas of the surrounding mountains and the Arkansas River. History abounds here--relics from the region's mining past are located throughout the property. The location is also rich in wildlife, all the critters one would expect in Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

Our "Meeting Place" for all tours is our Visitor's Center just east of Salida, Colorado: 1500 County Road 45, Salida, CO 81201. Although the Visitor's Center address is Salida, some refer to this area as "WELLSVILLE." You will be turning off Highway 50 and onto a dirt road--County Road 7--at the small road sign that says "WELLSVILLE." Drive over the bridge and for .91 miles where you turn slightly Right, onto County Road 45. (If coming from the east, such as the Canon City or Colorado Springs areas, do NOT turn onto CR 45 at Howard...it dead ends at the river! You must go to WELLSVILLE, turn onto CR 7 and then onto CR 45.) Our Visitor's Center is .66 miles down the road and is on your Right.



The Lost Canyon Zipline Tour consists of 7 cables -- 6 exciting, high-flying cable rides between 200-700 feet in length and a practice (Bunny Zip) cable that is 80 feet long. The Bunny Zip is only 5 feet off the ground, allowing our zipline "trainees" to have their feet on the ground anytime they assume a standing position. The zipline tour cables, however, are stretched over a rocky canyon some 150-200 feet deep.


There are hiking trails between the take-off and landing platforms; these vary from 40-670 feet long over rocky ground. The trails are not difficult, however Guests should be in reasonable physical shape. This adventure has a high "thrill to skill" ratio--it is like bowling or billiards in that most anyone can do it, but it takes a little instruction and practice. Ziplines are nothing like roller coasters or bungee jumping...they are scary!


The tour takes ~2.5 hours and 1/2 hour of round-trip travel and trip preparation. Tour duration is longer with larger groups, with those of 20-40 Guests taking as long as 4+ hours.


Zip Line Cable #1. Orientation on the Bunny Ziplines. A requirement for all Guests, this practice gives our zipliners the confidence and skills needed to fly the cables that span the canyon.


Zip Line Cable #2. Zip Trip - 262 feet

This thriller will jump-start your zipline experience! It’s the easiest one. C'mon, just step off the cliff...

This cable is followed by a hike up the side of the canyon, through the high desert landscape and tree-studded terrain, to reach Eagle's Roost Lookout. From here, take in a panoramic view that includes the most productive trout fishing segment of the Arkansas River, some 500 ft. below and with over 5,000 trout per mile of river and 2 million dollars in gold per mile! The forces of geologic faulting and folding are evident from this site. And, if the mountains are still snow-capped, the "Angel of Shavano" may be seen as well.

Zip Line Cable #3. Flight School - 200 feet

Land at the Pack Rat Penthouse deck … yes, there is a cool packrat nest nearby. He still has some of our drill bits and screws from the deck construction stashed in his nest and it doesn’t look like he is ready to give them up. Here, a brief note about the travertine warm spring formations with examples of raw and polished rock demonstrate the beauty of local minerals onsite. The mining claim is called "Mountain Pink" because of the delicate pink color of the outcrop. Mineral "soda straws" lay where the spring water percolated up through the rock. Everyone seems to like the fragile bonsai pinyon tree growing out of solid rock nearby. Off in the distance, the 14,000-foot mountains of the Sangre de Cristo range (Blood of Christ, named by the Spanish explorers in the 1600s) frame the horizon.

Zip Line Cable #4. Canyon Flyer - 385 feet

This cable is the most intimidating yet, as our zip buddies have not gotten their "flight wings" fully developed. Take off and fly over trees on the cable that many of our Guests like the best. We have seen black bears in the canyon below this zip line, but they don't stick around long when they see us! Land at Piñon Point Landing and take a break in the shade while the rest of your group catches up.

Zip Line Cable #5. The Intimidator - 365 feet

Once again, the group will embark on a short (100 ft.) hike, this time with views of two 1895-era silver mines, one that is tunneled 60 ft. into the rocky face of the mountain and one with a 100 ft. vertical shaft located on the "Mountain Pink" mining claim. These mines are home to colonies of long-eared bats. This location is the mid-tour watering hole so hit the cooler for a water break and a bathroom stop, if necessary.

Leave from our newest platform and most scenic location on the tour. Swirling orange limestone cliffs will make you dizzy while flying 150 feet high above the Box Canyon Campfire spot. Ah, you're getting better, more confident, and your need for speed is satisfied! This time, zipliners are encouraged to look down into the abyss as they fly across the rugged terrain.


Zip Line salida zipline tourCable #6. Leap of Faith - 695 feet

Opened in 2009, this is the longest span and the highest at 200 feet above the canyon floor. Just step off the cliff and into the flight of a lifetime! The mountain peaks above and Arkansas River whitewater below cannot compete with the panorama of mine ruins and colorful cliff views from this ride.

Zip Line Cable #7. Gun Barrel - 465 feet

Smokin'! The fastest cable of all, and one that goes straight down into the belly of the canyon from Cable Canyon Launch. Check out the wave pattern as your Guide demonstrates how waves move up and down the steel cable span. Never has physics been so interesting! After all this practice, our Guests must fly and land on a small cable spool near the end to accumulate all of their "frequent ziplining miles."

Look down on some ancient (300-million-years old) limestone formations and the geologic fault between the two masses of an ancient sea bed. This fault is still moving, and one can sometimes hear rocks falling from the cliff as the two huge land masses move against each other.

Arrive at journey's end, Miner's Landing. Take a short hike back up to the Guide Shack to check in your gear and exchange email addresses with your new zip friends. We give every guest a $10 off "frequent zipliner" coupon for their next flight. We are sure you will be back and hope you had as much fun as we did! ZIP ON!

Zip Line

Who Can Play

The Zipline Tour is suitable for Singles, Couples, and for Families who wish to play together and create wonderful memories. We are committed to "Safety First" and thus there are certain requirements to safely participate in this activity:

  • Ages 6 and up, Weight at least 55 lbs.
  • Weight less than 250 lbs. for men, less than 190 lbs. for women (women typically are shorter, carry their weight differently than men and this is why cut-offs vary by sex)
  • Abdominal girth less than 44 inches; maximum circumference at top of thighs cannot exceed 24 inches
  • Reasonable fitness level
  • Other requirements and restrictions as stated in our Trip Preparation list and Zipline FAQs


Trip Times, How to Reserve

Trips run daily at 1PM year-round, and can be booked online or by calling us at (719) 207-4947. For Summer trips, we prefer that Guests reserve online using our "Book Online" link on the homepage as it is high season, we are very busy, and it is much easier to manage trip inventory and logistics with reservations that are made by our Guests online. During high season we accommodate Walk-ins if there is trip availability. Trip times during high season begin at 9AM, 10AM, 1PM, 2:30PM and 4:30PM.The cost is $89 per person.

One more thing--our online reservation form presents the weekend days with gray shading; this is to highlight these days as "weekend days" and does NOT mean the days are booked.

Please check out our Zip Preparation page for more details.

Box Canyon Site

Groups can arrange with Captain Zipline and its partners to have food and refreshments at this site. We also have a campfire spot on the canyon rim near the Bunny Ziplines for group activities, when requested. We have several pickers and singers who will play-for-pay for a cookout event with advance reservations. Moonlight zip tours can also be arranged during summer and fall, but only with prior zip experience on our cables.


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