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frequently asked questions


Below you will find our most frequently asked quesitons. If you have a question we did not answer below please contact us.

How safe are zipline tours and aerial adventure park activities?

The Lost Canyon Zipline Tour and Canyon Challenge Course were built using standards set by the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), the professional organization that sets installation, inspection, operation, and certification standards for the challenge course industry.

Both courses meet and abide by the regulations of the State of Colorado.

Our staff check each participant’s equipment and instruct participants prior to embarking on the Lost Canyon Zipline Tour. Because we cannot eliminate every risk, it is each participant’s responsibility to understand and follow all instructions, and to listen and obey the guides at all times. All guests are required to follow the safety policies and procedures of Captain Zipline and its guides. Further, all guests are required to sign a Participant Waiver/Release Agreement (Participant Assumption of Risks, Acknowledgment of Inherent Risks and Indemnity Agreement in favor of Captain Zipline Adventure Park) before participating or spectating.

Are the courses certified?

The Lost Canyon Zipline Tour and Canyon Challenge Course undergo annual inspections by professional, third-party inspectors that meet the requirements of the State of Colorado and are audited by the State of Colorado. Each course is periodically inspected to meet requirements of the manufacturers and pre-use inspections are completed each day prior to participant use.

What training do the staff receive?

Our staff receive training in inspecting and operating the equipment and courses, instructing/guiding guests through the courses, and enacting emergency and rescue procedures should there be a need.

How physically demanding are the tours?

The Lost Canyon Zipline Tour is the least physically demanding. Still, moderate core strength and agility is required to maintain an upright position in the harness and some hiking up moderate inclines on lose, uneven terrain is required.While not required on tour, participants should be comfortable hiking a brisk mile and climbing a 16’ ladder

The Canyon Challenge Course and Via Ferrata Courses are designed for those who like to get physical. Course routes are colored coded (similar to ski runs) to indicate level of difficulty. Yellow and green courses require participants to balance across wobbly bridges, foots cables, and to have the core and upper body strength to maintain a stable position.  Blue, red, black and double black courses are designed for physically active participants who are athletic and train regularly. They require physical strength, agility, balance, and flexibility and should not be attempted by individuals who do not regularly workout or participate in sports or other physical activities. Participants are encouraged to move at their own pace and to take breaks as needed. Participants must complete the course in order or grade or receive Guide approval before entering a Blue, Red, or Black course level.

How do I make a reservation?

Click any of the BOOK NOW buttons or links found on the website to check availability and purchase tickets, or call (877) ZIP-LINE during standard office hours.

What are your hours of operation?

We encourage guests to check availability and departure times using our online reservation system; groups are encouraged to call (877) ZIP-LINE or Check online now.

What are the participant guidelines & requirements for the Lost Canyon Zipline?

  • Weight.  55 lbs. minimum
  • Age.  6 years old minimum, no maximum 
  • Girth.  abdominal: less than 44 inches; individual thigh: less than 24 inches in order to fit into equipment properly 
  • Language.  Must speak and understand English
  • Independence.  Participants must be able to perform tour activities independent of an aid or parent

What are the participant guidelines & requirements for the Canyon Challenge Course?

  • The Canyon Challenge Course is designed for individuals seeking a physical challenge, designed to test their core strength, balance and agility. Groups are welcome.
  • Weight. 70 lbs. minimum; 250 lbs. maximum
  • Vertical Reach. Must be able to reach 60 inches standing flat-footed
  • Fitness Level. Reasonably active lifestyle and good health
  • Independence. Participants must be able to perform tour activities (transferring equipment, traversing obstacle, following staff instruction, etc.) independent of an aid or parent